Almost 800 Military Family Member Sign Open Letter Supporting President Trump

( Almost 800 members of military families have signed an open letter in support of President Donald Trump. The military family members, some of whom come from Gold Star families, cited many mainstream media attacks smearing the president as anti-military or making baseless claims.

In the letter, which was obtained by conservative news outlet Breitbart, the military family members said that there are “hundreds of thousands of military spouses in this country who are forced into the silent majority.”

“But we do support you,” the letter adds. “We do not believe the lies and rumors that others try hard to spread. We stand tall with you.”

Military spouses, mothers, sons, veterans, and daughters all sign the letter. In just three days almost 800 signatures signed the letter, and that number continued increasing even after the deadline.

In a statement accompanying the letter, military family members said that they felt compelled to write the letter after seeing liberal military spouses trying to speak out on behalf of military families collectively.  That didn’t sit right with them.

“In the last few weeks, a false narrative has been perpetuated regarding the military community’s perception of its Commander in Chief,” the statement said. “As conservative military Spouses, Veterans, and Family Members we refuse to remain silent in our ardent support for President Trump knowing that he holds the military community, of which we are a part, in great esteem.”

The statement said that the voices who are the loudest often try to convince people they speak for everyone, but that they wanted to challenge that narrative and speak up and be counted.

“While the noise of the left may be deafening, we want you to know that support for you among military families and our community is not lost. Recent statements made, on behalf of military spouses, do not reflect us as a whole. While others may be quick to believe hearsay and rumors, we know that your actions over the past three years have spoken much louder than any anonymous words,” the letter reads.

“Your courage in dealing with world leaders makes our country a safer place to live. We believe that because of your leadership and our military, America is in a position of strength. You granted a pay raise – one of the biggest in decades – to our military men and women. You fought for our vets with reforms to the VA.”

President Trump thanked the families, saying that he loves America’s heroes and that the attacks are getting “more and more vicious.”