Alex Jones Rips Caller For Bringing Up QAnon

( During a recent episode of his show, InfoWars host Alex Jones spent most of the broadcast ripping Q-Anon to shreds after a caller invoked the little-known, fringe conspiracy theory.

Jones blamed the gullible Q-Anon followers for helping the Democrats steal the election in 2020. He said it was “the damn Q people” that “manipulated” some of the January 6 protesters to go into the Capitol “and work with the feds.”

He accused “Q” of being, among other things, the “new world order” and a “psyop to lead us around by our noses.”

While the media has done its best to try and smear all Trump voters and Republicans in general as being part of Q-Anon, the reality is, Republican voters either know nothing about it or if they do, don’t approve of it.

A Suffolk University poll from last year found that only 4 percent of Trump supporters had a favorable view of Q-Anon, while 31 percent had an unfavorable view and 21 percent were undecided. Another 43 percent never even heard of it.

But to the media, the Q-Anon conspiracy theorists are the single greatest threat to “our democracy.”

It certainly won’t help their narrative that Alex Jones, the man they never tire of calling a “conspiracy theorist,” thinks Q-Anon is garbage.