Alec Baldwin Erupts At Reporter Asking Questions

( Alec Baldwin, the actor who shot dead his cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while filming for his movie “Rust,” got visibly angry and launched into a tirade against a New York Post reporter on Monday evening.

The reporter, Jon Levine, saw Baldwin entering a property on the Upper East Side while walking in New York City over the weekend. When he saw the actor and his wife, Hilaria, he asked him what brought him to the area.

Hilaria, who was caught out last year for pretending to be Spanish and faking her accent, then immediately got her phone out and pointed it at Levine. She also shouted at him to leave as he recorded Baldwin, even though Levine was on public property.

That’s when Alec Baldwin turned around and appeared to almost lunge at the journalist, wrongly claiming, “you are not allowed to photograph onto somebody’s private home.”

“You can’t photograph onto somebody’s private home,” he repeated.

Hilaria then restrained Baldwin, which worked, as Baldwin walked back to the home where he was let in by somebody who appeared to be a member of staff working in the building. He then ushered his wife inside, who slowly walked back into the home as she continued filming the journalist.

That’s a pretty extreme response to a journalist – but then again, Levine did also ask him how it’s possible for a gun to fire without pulling the trigger.

During a recent televised interview, Baldwin claimed that the gun simply went off in his hand and that he didn’t pull the trigger – a claim that will likely be used if and when this case ends up in the courts.

Do you believe that the gun just went off in his hand?

And if he’s telling the truth, why did he get so angry when somebody asked a simple question about it?