Alec Baldwin Asks: “Why Does Trump Want So Many People to Die?”

(PatrioticPost.Com)- President Donald Trump gets nothing but vile abuse from celebrities. Over the last week, his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, was subject to nasty abuse from “comedian” Michael Rapaport on Mother’s Day. Then, left-wing actor-turned-activist Alec Baldwin suggested on Twitter that Trump wants people to die.

Baldwin, who is known mostly for his impression on Saturday Night Live, including his impression of the president, tweeted a link to an article from the Washington Post that discusses medical supply firm Prestige Ameritech, and reports that the company asked the government earlier in the year if they should begin producing N95 masks.

The article was intended to hurt President Trump and his administration by suggesting that a company which offered to produce medical masks was told not to do so, but it admits that the quotes relating to the issue come from Dr. Rick Bright. He’s a former director at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority who published an 89-page document in which he claims to have been kicked out of the Trump administration for refusing to promote hydroxychloroquine as a possible drug treatment.

Bright, who is represented by the same lawyers who failed to stop Justice Brett Kavanaugh from being nominated to the Supreme Court, was reportedly on his way out of the roles months before the drug even came up. After hiring the same lawyers at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it seems unlikely that this is an impartial review of the government’s performance…

Responding to the article, Baldwin tweeted, “Why does Trump want so many people to die?”

Do you think he really believes that’s true, or do you think it’s just an easy talking point against the president? I know what I think…

Baldwin has a long history of saying vile things about the president and his family, so of course, he didn’t mention any of the above. Instead, he promoted the idea that the president doesn’t want people to survive.

If the Democrats claim President Trump can only win elections because of the older people that vote for him, wouldn’t it be counter-productive for the president to want people to die? Wouldn’t it be against the president’s interests if he allowed elderly people across the country, who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus, to just die?