Alaska Governor Running For Reelection In 2022

( Kay Ivey has no plans to retire from politics, even though she’s 76 years old.

The Republican governor of Alabama announced on Wednesday that she would be running for re-election, and that may scare off a lot of potential challengers. Ivey believes she’s done a great job over the last four years for her state, emphasizing the investment in the state’s infrastructure, Alabama’s low rate of unemployment and creation of jobs, as well as its recovery from the pandemic.

In a video that her campaign released, Ivey said:

“Alabama is working again, and the best is yet to come. The COVID crisis has tested us all, but together we’ve met the call with the same things that make us who we are — faith, resilience and a good old-fashioned bucket load of common sense. The result: a future brighter than any other in America.”

With Ivey now announcing that she will run for re-election, some other potential challengers may stay on the sideline. For example, Will Ainsworth, Ivey’s lieutenant governor, already said he wouldn’t run for governor if Ivey decided to run for re-election.

As of yet, there haven’t been any Democrats who have either officially filed or even announced that they would run to challenge Ivey in the 2022 gubernatorial election.

Ivey told reporters that she would run on her previous record in office, and the message that there is still business left to finish. Her stated priorities include creating more jobs, reforming the prison system in the state and improving education.

She said:

“We’ve got several items that need attention. One is meaningful education reform. Certainly, we’ll finish out the prison project. We’ll be working with the legislators on that project. And keeping our people employed gainfully and adding more jobs.”

Ivey did a good job during the pandemic of gaining praise from people on both sides of the political spectrum. She instituted a state-wide mask mandate that drew the praise of many health officials, even if some conservatives criticized her for the action. Alabama was one of the few southern states that acted quickly to enforce a mask mandate.

At the same time, she has pleased staunch conservatives by sticking to many of the principles of the GOP. That includes signing into law some of the strictest abortion restrictions in the nation.

In 2019, Ivey signed a law that made performing an abortion a felony crime in almost all cases. That law was blocked in the court system, but it showed how serious she was about limiting abortions.

Ivey is the second female governor in the history of Alabama, but she was the first Republican woman who was elected. Before she became governor in 2017, Ivey served as lieutenant governor for Robert Bentley.

Bentley resigned suddenly, though, during an impeachment probe into whether he had a relationship with one of his aides. In 2018, Ivey won re-election the position in her first election running for governor.