Alan Dershowitz Says Rittenhouse Would’ve Been Dead If He Hadn’t Acted

( Famed constitutional expert and lawyer Alan Dershowitz recently told Newsmax that Kyle Rittenhouse had a right to be at the far-left Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and that if he didn’t have a gun he would “probably be dead.”

It comes as the Rittenhouse trial continues, and a verdict is expected early this week.

Rittenhouse is currently on trial after shooting two men who attacked him during the Kenosha riots last year and injured another who admitted to pointing a handgun at Rittenhouse during the trial last week.

“If he hasn’t gone there with a gun, he’d probably be dead,” law professor Alan Dershowitz told Spicer & Co.

“He went there with a gun because violence was threatened,” he added.

Critics claim that because Rittenhouse crossed state lines and turned up to the riot with a gun – even though he was trying to defend businesses from rioters, looters, and arsonists – that he should go to prison for murder. However, Rittenhouse did not have any intention to kill anybody at the protest and has shown in court – through testimony and video footage – that he was being directly threatened by the people he shot on the day.

Dershowitz told Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith that it would be wise if nobody took a gun to a protest, and just used their voices instead. However, he added that this simply isn’t the reality that many people involved with Black Lives Matter operate in.

Dershowitz added that it was wise for Rittenhouse to take the stand and testify in the case given that he doesn’t have much of a criminal record. He added that the case won’t be determined by the forensics alone, but by the jury looking at him in the eye and asking, “Do we believe he was scared?”

And given that Rittenhouse has a clear PTSD-induced breakdown while on the stand, it’s possible that the jury recognizes that this young man is innocent.