Alan Dershowitz Demands A New Trial

( Ex-Harvard law professor, celebrity attorney and constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz offered a damning view of the trial of Derek Chauvin, describing how a new trial is necessary to ensure justice for the former Minneapolis police officer who was found guilty of murdering criminal George Floyd.

It supports a motion filed by Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, for a new trial alleging jury misconduct and unfair influence over the jury by mainstream media reports and violent left-wing activism.

Discussing the trial on WJAS 1320 AM, Dershowitz referenced far-left Rep. Maxine Waters and her comments encouraging protesters to get “more confrontational” if the jury didn’t convict Chauvin.

“Maxine Waters was in that Jury Room,” he said, arguing that she scared or influenced the jury into finding Chauvin guilty.

Dershowitz also noticed how Brandon Mitchell, who was juror number 52, was identified as having encouraged people to get onto juries to “spark some change” – an indication that he was a supporter of the Black Lives Matter message. Mitchell claimed during jury selection that he had little knowledge of the Chauvin case, but last August he was seen wearing a tee-shirt that had “Get your knee off our necks” and “BLM” on it.

So he lied.

How can the verdict possibly stand when a juror so blatantly lied and encouraged people to do the same?

“There has to be a new trial,” Dershowitz said. “You cannot have an advocate as a juror.”


He also added that Maxine Waters was “heard by the jurors saying that there will be confrontation with a verdict other than murder.”

“That’s not the way the American justice system should operate,” he said.

At this point, it seems like a new trial is inevitable, but don’t be surprised when BLM and Antifa start rioting all over again…