Air Force One Gets Stuck In Snow

( On Monday, President Joe Biden spent quite a bit of time stuck o the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews, owing to the adverse weather. It was just enough time for the president to get in a mid-work nap…

Biden and the flight crew waited as snowplows cleared a path for the plane. The plane also needed to be de-iced prior to its departure from Delaware, where the president spent an extended holiday period at his home with his family. Because you know how much President Biden likes spending time at home instead of the White House.

Biden was expected to take part in an event that focuses on reducing the cost of meat – something that recent reports suggest the president wasn’t even aware of. Multiple news outlets revealed how the president only found out about the rising cost of meat when a member of his family told him.

In fact, the president himself admitted it. Why didn’t he already know about that?

Anyway, here’s a clip of Air Force One being de-iced prior to take off.