Adam Schiff Launches Nasty Attack Against Republicans

( There is no better proof that the “Insurrection/Big Lie” narrative is following the “Russian Collusion” playbook than Adam Schiff returning to cable news to pop off about it.

Schiff became the star of the Anti-Trump Resistance by spending most of his waking hours appearing on television. Between January 2017 and July 2019, Adam Schiff did 419 interviews clocking in at a total of 49 hours, 39 minutes and 42 seconds of airtime.

And now he’s back and as defamatory as ever.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports” on Saturday, Schiff bashed the Republican Party for being, as he called it, “anti-democratic.”

Lobbing a softball right over the home plate, Alex Witt cited a report in the New York Times that claims in the final weeks of the Trump Administration, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “repeatedly pushed” the DOJ to investigate what Witt calls “unfounded conspiracy theories” about the 2020 presidential election.

Oddly, Witt was lobbing this set-up statement at the man who peddled “unfounded conspiracy theories” about the 2016 president election during 419 television interviews.

With the set-up in place, Witt finally gets to the question.

Witt asks Schiff what new layer this New York Times report might “add to the effort” to, in her words, “undermine the election results?” And, just in case it wasn’t clear that it was Bad Orange Man’s fault, Witt adds, “How serious is this direct link to the Oval Office and Donald Trump?”

Naturally Schiff believes this is serious.

He then damns Mark Meadows with faint praise – first saying how well he knows Meadows since they served together in Congress. Then, Schiff adds how tragic it is when someone like Mark Meadows allows himself to do things in “service of this unethical president.”

Schiff goes on to accuse Meadows of urging the DOJ to “engage in bogus investigations,” accusing Meadows of either trying to “gratify the president’s ego” or “try to overturn the results.”

Schiff then tries to smear Mark Meadows as being exactly like Michael Flynn “opining openly about why we can’t have a coup like in Myanmar.”

In other words, Schiff believes asking the DOJ to investigate voter fraud is the same as calling for a coup.

Finally, Schiff accuses the Republican Party of being “anti-democratic” and “anti-truth.”

The man who for four years questioned the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election is accusing Republicans of being “anti-democratic.”

The man who claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop was a “smear” that “comes from the Kremlin” is calling Republicans “anti-truth.”

It is rather galling. But not surprising.

Watch the interview HERE.