Adam Schiff Is Meeting With Real Neo-Nazis at US Capitol

( Ukrainian women soldiers managed to travel to Washington DC, where they met with congresspeople to thank them for their donations, tell them about alleged crimes, and request additional funding. Even the wounded members of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion were brought along.

The Ukrainians claimed to have discovered the bodies of youngsters who had been slain and tortured by the Russians. If true, these allegations are despicable, yet there is no proof to back them up. They were welcomed on his program with pleasure by CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The Ukrainian women were met by Republican Senator Susan Collins, Shelley Capito, and Joni Ernst. The tens of billions of cash Biden provided the Ukrainians were appreciated, but they still want more.

The arrival of the Azov forces at the Capital was the biggest shock to the Ukrainian soldiers.

Before the battle even started, there were reports about the Azov Battalion. They are purportedly a vicious squad of neo-Nazi warriors in the Eastern area of Ukraine.

A delegation from the Azov movement, led by what many label Ukrainian neo-Nazis, arrived in the United States in September. By this point, Azov was no longer being referred to as “openly neo-Nazi” by the New York Times; instead, the nationalist group was being referred to as “celebrated” in the Times’ stylesheet.

More information regarding Azov’s nationwide outreach, including its attempts to overturn Congress’ restriction on providing it with guns and training, has come to light after news of the group’s US tour leaked.

Three former regiment members who were imprisoned in the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol were part of the Azov delegation. Giorgi Kuparashvili, the sole combatant who had escaped Russian capture, served as their leader.

Kuparashvili, a co-founder and instructor of the Azov Regiment, claims that his delegation had much more contact with Congressmen than anyone had realized—more than fifty. Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who spent the Trump administration orchestrating the Russiagate theater and agitating for the delivery of US weaponry to Ukraine, was one of the people who came to welcome Azov on Capitol Hill.

Some people on Twitter pointed out that Adam Schiff was pleased to be with the Ukrainian soldiers, who many believe to be actual neo-Nazis, while branding the Americans who demonstrated against the rigged 2020 Election on January 6 as Nazis.

Never should people like Adam Schiff be in charge of our government. He participates in our elites’ ridiculous anti-American double standards.