A New Ocasio-Cortez Is Gaining Steam Overseas  

(PatrioticPost.com)- A new Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gaining steam overseas in Italy, according to CNBC. Elly Schlein is a leader of the center-left party Partito Democratico (PD) and is being compared to the far-left democratic socialist for her similar beliefs.  

Schlein began her career in 2014 when she was elected to serve in the European Parliament. She was born in Switzerland to an Italian mother and American father, expressing her interest in politics when she joined the 2008 Obama campaign, returning in 2012 to train other volunteers. She is the first woman to lead the party which might reportedly indicate a change in attitudes as Italy elected its first woman prime minister, Giorgia Meloni.  

But Schelin’s politics are different than Meloni’s, which has been dubbed as “far right.” Meloni was called a fascist for being part of the group “Brothers of Italy,” which has its roots in the Mussolini era. But as one expert on fascism told American Pigeon, the group has long since distanced itself from anything to do with Mussolini.  

Nevertheless, both women are “emblematic of that change” that is occurring in Italy, according to Erik Jones, professor at the European University Institute in Florence. Despite their differences in politics, they hold two of the highest offices in the nation. Schlein has already taken a stance against Meloni, saying that Meloni being a mother does not make her any more of a woman than she is.  

Schlein also said that she supports raising taxes for wealthy individuals, working with trade unions, advocating for feminist and environmental policies, and pushing for gay and immigrant rights. What Meloni is for the right, Schelin is for the left, a professor at H.E.C. Paris suggested.  

Meloni, however, has said that she will be tougher on immigration and asylum seekers. Conservatives have criticized Schelin’s privileged background when she was born “rich” in Switzerland, dubbing her “Communist Elly.”