A Disaster Is Coming For Farms

(PatrioticPost.com)- Farmers are claiming that a disastrous new law is coming for them, according to The Western Journal. Mexico has recently enacted a new law banning U.S. imports of genetically modified corn, which farmers claim will hurt them because it would be a huge investment to switch back to conventional corn which has not been used for generations.

The bill could spell disaster for the farming industry as Mexico is the largest buyer of U.S. corn, accounting for $10 billion worth of sales. Farmers are now taking to Washington, D.C. to express their concerns.

“We don’t have the equipment to do it,” Hinkel Farms’ Elizabeth Hinkel told Fox News. “So it would be a huge investment if we had to go back to growing conventional. And on top of that, our yields would be decreased.”

The USDA has also come out against Mexico for making the decision that it claims is “not grounded in science.” The agency also says that the move will put a strain on trade between the two countries and the productivity of their farms.

In light of Mexico’s law, because the American farming industry is not prepared of invested to grow non-GMO crops, the economy is speculated to free fall.

Hinkel also explained that the decision will not just affect farmers in Pennsylvania where she works, but all over the country as well. Pennsylvanian crops are reportedly determined by a board, she said, noting that despite the crops largely staying local, if that price goes down then farmers will feel it everywhere.

The ban is set to take effect in 2024, with Mexico arguing that it will increase their domestic production. The news after U.S. trade representative Jayme White met with Mexico’s Under Secretary of Economy for Foreign Trade Alejandro Encinas to discuss the GMO issue and other concerns.

“Our destinies are tied together. They need us as much as we need them,” Nebraska Corn Growers Association Chairman Andy Jobman told Fox.