3 Female Republicans File Charges Against Michigan Official – Facebook Censors Them

(PatrioticPost.com)- Three activists from Michigan traveled to the state house in Lansing this week to complain to Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic secretary of state. When they posted their live video online, though, some large tech companies decided it was too much.

The three activists are all black women — Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, Angelic Johnson and Kristina Karamo, who hosts the Kristina Karamo Project. The three are plaintiffs in a case filed by the Amistad Project on their behalf against Benson. They say the secretary of state gave out private information of many Michigan residents.

Karamo says this private information includes people’s birth dates, eye color, addresses and Social Security numbers. They say that information was given to the non-profit organization Rock the Vote.

Karamo posted a live video of them approaching the state house in Michigan on the 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page. But Facebook decided it wasn’t worthy of their site, and took it down. In response, the 100 Percent Fed Up organization decided to post the video over on YouTube.

Rock the Vote is supposed to be a “rusted and effective nonpartisan” group, as the organization claims. But there have been many instances in which they have been anything but.

Following Democrat Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for president in 2016, the president of the organization, Carolyn DeWitt, claimed in a statement that the U.S. is “moving steadily in a progressive direction.” She then blamed the 2016 election results on “archaic and confusing election laws,” “politics overall” and voter suppression.

Just last year, Rock the Vote started a petition that called for the end of the Electoral College. The group wanted to replace this mode of selecting a U.S. president with a popular vote.

Back in 2009, the organization also launched advertising campaigns that supported initiatives from the Obama administration. One supported government-run health care. Rock the Vote said it was intended to educate young voters about reform in health care, but it included celebrities who encouraged young people to “demand health care now.”

Even many of the top officials of the organization are clearly partisan. DeWitt herself once served as the chief of staff for a political consulting firm called Pivot. She was also a project manager at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The group’s organizing director, Jasmine Jones, once served as the director of alumni support for the Virginia Progressive Leadership Project.

Its director of corporate partnerships, Stephanie Shaw, has work with the ACLU, the New Leaders Council, Freedom for Immigrants and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — all very liberal groups.

Same thing goes for Rasheed Varner, the group’s data and research associate. He has worked for Women Donors Network, the Center for Technology and Civic Life, and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

So, a Democratic secretary of state is being accused of giving personal information to a “nonpartisan” but clearly liberal group. And a far-left social media company censors the free speech of three conservatives who are simply presenting a petition.