2024 Polls Shows Donald Trump Will Win

(PatrioticPost.com)- A new report from defense and national security site 19FortyFive.com reveals that
Emerson College surveys done between August 15, and 29 indicate that former President Donald Trump would easily defeat President Joe Biden in a rematch. The news is encouraging for the Republicans in November’s midterm elections, provided that voters won’t be turned off by former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles and disagreements with the FBI.

Former President Trump has a chance to win back 36 electoral college votes if he keeps all the states he won last time, including Ohio, and also wins Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump now enjoys significant leads in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

According to polling in Ohio, the former president had a 14% advantage over Vice President Joe Biden, receiving 53% of the vote to 39% for Biden. Trump defeated Biden by five percentage points in Pennsylvania, receiving 47% of the vote to 42% for Biden. Similar results were seen in Georgia, where the former president received 51% of the vote versus Joe Biden’s 46%.

19FortyFive.com shows President Joe Biden is struggling to hold onto the leads he gained in the 2020 presidential election after two years of economic turmoil, a problematic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a war in Ukraine. If these numbers hold, it could imply that former President Trump is in with a strong chance of winning in 2024 if he decides to run for office a third time.

Republican support is still strong, according to The Trafalgar Group, a Georgia-based polling agency renowned for its accurate forecasts during the 2016 presidential election. This is true despite the Democrats’ efforts to portray the GOP as an extremist group.
The Trafalgar Group reported that Republican candidates hold an advantage over Democrat candidates in November after polling 1,084 potential voters nationally.
According to the study, 47.2% of respondents want to support Republican candidates, while 41.4% intend to support Democratic ones. 11.4% of voters were unable to tell pollsters who they would be voting for as of today.
The statistics are even more stunning because the poll included a more significant percentage of Democrats. 35.6% of respondents said they vote Republican, while 39.3% of respondents identified as Democrats. Independent or “other” voters made up 25.1% of the responses.
It may indicate that Democrats are drifting away from their group and leaning more toward the Republican Party, but it is more likely a sign of a general tendency among independent voters to reject President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats.