2018 Limo Crash Driver Going To Prison

A former limousine business operator was sentenced to five and fifteen years in jail for his role in a vehicular offense in upstate New York that claimed the lives of 20 people. 

According to reports, Nauman Hussain, an individual deemed responsible for the 2018 Schoharie limousine tragedy that claimed 20 lives, found out his fate in court.

Hussain received a second-degree manslaughter conviction on twenty charges and was sentenced to between five and fifteen years in jail.  Hussain appeared in court at the end of May, donning an orange prison uniform. 

A report shows prosecutors in Schoharie, a town west of Albany, contended that 33-year-old Nauman Hussain was guilty of manslaughter because he failed to upkeep a stretch limo that crashed while driving recklessly downhill on the road.

On the evening of October 6, 2018, friends on their way to a birthday party in a 2001 Ford Excursion crashed into a parked automobile and woods, eventually coming to a stop in a streambed.

The court gave Hussain a concurrent sentence of 5-15 years in prison.

According to crash victim Michael Ukaj’s mother, who testified before Judge Lynch, her son saved two lives while serving in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq.

The mother and mother-in-law of victims Shane and his wife Erin McGowan blamed Hussain,  the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, the US Department of Transportation, and the FBI.

As per the report, many of the victims’ family members have pleaded with Judge Lynch to impose the maximum punishment on Hussain so he may feel their anguish.

A report reveals that despite Hussain’s desire to speak to the families, his defense attorney, Lee Kindlon, claimed he instructed him to keep quiet.

Some of the grieving relatives finally felt some measure of peace thanks to this punishment.

Reports show The New York State Department of Corrections has Hussain under remand to the Schoharie County Sheriff.

Lee Kindlon, who represents the defendant, has appealed the decision.