153 People Out At Hospital Over COVID-19 Vaccine Rejection

(PatrioticPost.com)- More than 150 people in a Houston, Texas hospital have either been fired or quit after refusing to take the COVID019 vaccine.

And they say cancel culture isn’t real…

The employees refused to take the vaccine over concerns about potentially negative impacts it may have on their health, and lost their jobs after a judge dismissed a lawsuit they filed over the hospital’s requirement for all members of staff to take the vaccine.

A spokesman for the Houston Methodist hospital system told the Associated Press that the employees were terminated or resigned after being placed in a two-week suspension period for refusing to comply with the vaccine requirement.

It’s just the latest in a long string of controversies relating to the COVID-19 vaccine which was developed in record time.

It’s also not the only example of employees taking legal action against their employees for being forced to take the vaccine. Another lawsuit was thrown out by a federal judge earlier this month which was filed by 117 employees.

The Houston Methodist hospital system was the first in the country to require all hospital workers to take the vaccine, and employees from the hospital said that the rule is similar to the experiments performed on victims in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War.

It might be a pretty strong comparison, but it’s hard to deny the similarities.

In what universe should employers force their employees to take a vaccine that was developed in the space of a year for a novel coronavirus?

Judge Lynn Hughes said that the comparison was “reprehensible” and dismissed the lawsuit, stating that if the employees didn’t like the rule, they could find another job.

Maybe then can just build their own hospital while they’re at it…

What happens to employees who are fearful of taking the vaccine when every hospital in the country requires it?