$100K REWARD For Attempted Cop Killer In Los Angeles

(PatrioticPost.com)- On Saturday night, a person approached a parked police vehicle and shot through the window. Two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies were shot in the head leaving them critically injured and a manhunt is now underway to find the person responsible for committing at the crime.

As of Sunday evening, the shooter is still on the loose and local authorities are calling on witnesses or anybody who may have information about the incident to come forward.

The official Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Twitter account announced a $100K reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspect who performed the ambush and posted a screenshot of CCTV video that shows the person shooting the two officers through the window.

If you recognize the individual in the photograph, you can call investigators on 323-890-5500.

Following the tragic incident, after the officers were transported to a local hospital where they are still being treated for their major injuries, Black Lives Matter protesters reportedly blocked the entrance to the emergency room. The LA County Sheriffs Twitter account explained how one make and one female deputy were ambushed and taken to hospital where they underwent surgery.

The female deputy is 31 years old and the male deputy is 24 years old. They both graduated from the academy at the same time, 14 months ago.

While the motives of the person responsible for this horrible crime are still unknown, the random shooting comes at a time of great political unrest caused by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Democrat voters who believe police officers are racist.

President Donald Trump hit back at the protesters and shooter, retweeting the video of the incident and saying, “Animals that must be hit hard!”

The president also said that if the officers die, there should be a “fast trial death penalty for the killer.”