100 Naked Migrants Spotted At Border Who Were Forcibly Stripped

(PatrioticPost.com)- Athens reported on Sunday that 92 migrants were discovered virtually nude and battered after being reportedly forced to cross the Evros river from Turkey into Greece. Ankara vehemently refuted this claim.

EU border agency Frontex verified the group’s entrance in conditions, according to the Greek Ministry of public protection, that projected an “inhuman picture.”
Paulina Bakula, the organization’s spokesperson, said that the Frontex officers reported that the migrants were discovered practically nude, some with apparent injuries.”

In a tweet, the UNHCR refugee agency expressed its “great sorrow” over the horrifying claims and pictures of 92 persons reportedly discovered naked at the Greek-Turkish land border.

Speaking from Frontex’s Warsaw headquarters, Bakula said Frontex agents collaborated with Greek authorities to provide the migrants—most of whom were Afghans and Syrians—immediate help.

She noted that the group had alerted the agency’s fundamental rights officer to a possible infringement of rights.

Meanwhile, Takis Theodorikakos, the Greek minister for civil protection, made the latest accusations against Turkey about migration between the neighbors, accusing it of “instrumentalizing illegal immigration.”

Theodorikakos said that several migrants informed Frontex that three Turkish army trucks had relocated them to the river as a natural border.

The Turkish president rejected any responsibility for the refugees in a string of caustic tweets, blaming Greece for the “inhuman” circumstances.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s senior press adviser Fahrettin Altun encouraged Greece to “quit its harsh treatment of migrants as soon as possible, to halt its frivolous and misleading accusations against Turkey.”

He said by broadcasting the images of these oppressed individuals, Greece has demonstrated once again to the whole world that it does not respect the dignity of refugees.

In a tweet, Ismail Catakli, the deputy interior minister for Turkey, urged Greece to cease its “manipulations and dishonesty.”

Berlin-based rights group Mare Liberum said Greece and Turkey habitually violate the human rights of Evros migrants.

“When government officials publicly promote these crimes, it helps feed the flames of the continuous battle between Turkey and Greece,” the group added.