10 Fights In One Day Plague Maryland High School

Maryland school officials reported ten fights that broke out in one day at a high school.

Reports show that some pupils from Prince George’s County’s Charles Herbert Flowers High School were engaged in the fights. The number of wounded is yet unknown.

As the school day progressed, footage of the brawls surfaced online, showing that fighting broke out in and out of the building.

Some parents thought the unannounced administrative leave of Dr. Gorman Brown, the school administrator, was to blame for the confrontations.

Brown was reinstated after serving a two-month suspension until after the Christmas break.

Brown, a district employee for over 20 years, was already subject to forced leave in 2019 after getting into a fight with a student. He was subsequently acquitted of all accusations.

According to a district spokesman, multiple kids were placed on suspension, and more disciplinary measures are being explored. According to the representative, school officials do not think any of the kids were hurt badly.

According to a student who spoke with media outlets, everything was chaotic. The security detail was pervasive. Security guards would intervene to prevent fights from breaking out whenever they occurred.

The number of pupils participating, the start time of the fights, and the reasons behind them were all kept secret by the district. Authorities are continuing to investigate the fights.
The following day, parents received a notice from the administration informing them of the disturbing number of fights. According to the letter, the school is committed to creating a welcoming and safe space for all students, and actions like this will not be accepted.

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